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A creative man with a childhood passion for chocolate and a career with an international chocolate company, Gilbert Johnson had a gleam in his eye. He dreamed of a shop serving all ages with smiles and sweet treats, where chocolate could become a complete entertainment experience. To make his dream reality, Gilbert enlisted Eric Shamban and Tino Ramirez as founding fathers and on October 10, 2000, The Chocolate Bar was born. Today, Gilbert's dream is thriving in two locations thanks to loyal customers and exceptional service from enthusiastic and friendly employees.

The Experience
Enter The Chocolate Bar and you'll immediately enjoy an unforgettable awakening of all your senses.

The scent of chocolate wafts through the shop, drawing you further inside.

Visually exciting, the shop tempts your taste buds with colors, displays and a myriad of chocolate shapes.

Everything in the shop is accessible. Explore and discover what the shop means to you.

Based on unique recipes, we feature 24 homemade ice creams at a time, all available for your sampling pleasure.

From the blending of milkshakes to the grinding of espresso, you'll always hear upbeat sounds, music, laughter and conversation among customers enjoying their sweets — and each other.

Whether you're a local or a visitor to Houston, we want you to know you're always welcome to come see us and experience our uniquely happy place, the fun and of course our chocolate.